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Adina, Located in Pudua Gram Panchayet under Gazole Dev. Block is a historical place. The ruins of "Adina Mosque" are located here. Built arround the 14th century during the region of Sikandar shah of the Bengal Sultanate is a major place of attraction in the District of Malda. People from far away and nearby District come to visit the place throughout the year. To attract more people and incorporate this site as a major place of tourishm under West Bengal, the Malda District Administration side of the "Adina Mosque" and develop in into an "ECO Tourism Park"

The estimated cost of the project is approx 20 Crore, the major part of which will be borne out by North Bengal Development Dept. & Dept of Tourism, West Bengal. However the initial work has been started from MGNREGS fund under Pangua Gram Panchayat from June 2017. The Project is expected to be completed within 2019.



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